About Jeff Borkovich

Winning Is The Only Option!

Based in Houston, Texas, I Provide “Straight Talk and Simple Solutions” Based on Personal Experience From 30+ Years of Restaurant and Small Business Ownership and Management.

I Have Held a Texas Real Estate License For Over (25) Years, and Currently Conduct Real Estate Transactions Throughout the State of Texas. During This Time-Period; I Have Been Involved in Both Commercial and Residential Real Estate as a Property Owner, Commercial and Residential Tenant, Commercial and Residential Landlord, Commercial and Residential Agent, and Residential Custom Home Building and Renovations.

Further Experience Includes Commercial Lease Space Finish Out, Needs and Costs Associated Thereto, With a Heavy Emphasis on Restaurants, Warehouse, Retail, and Office.

My Background Also Includes (30+) Years of Restaurant / Small Business Ownership and Management Experience.

My Entrepreneurial Skills and Passion for the Restaurant Industry Has Enabled Me to Assist Those to Fund, Open, Refine, and Expand Their Own Small Businesses and Restaurants.

My Network can assist you in multiple phases of your project to include; local bank funding, architectural, construction, M&P, project management, and operational support.

My Primary Focus is Finding Great Spaces, Great Locations, and Great Leases for my Clients of Restaurant, Warehouse, Retail, and Office. -JKB

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